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DRB 610 1+1 SERIES

The DRB was designed from scratch and impresses with its compact design, which allows a space-saving installation side by side. In addition to the speed and accuracy optimization, the focus was on the ease of use and service.

The linear motor technology, which LENZ used in 1993 as the first machine manufacturer in the field of printed circuit boards, has been consistently further developed.

Similarly, the 1 + 1 construction was significantly improved by structural changes. This includes the new highly dynamic Z-axis as well as the weight optimization of the moving components.

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DRB 610 1+1


High-tech machines with compact dimensions. Lenz CNC machines of the DLC series have all the features you need for the production of high-tech printed circuit boards. They are characterized by the latest technology and very compact dimensions.

  • Linear motors in the X and Y axis
  • granite base
  • Drilling size: 465 x 610 mm
  • Various spindles to choose from
  • EURO magazine
  • CNC: Sieb & Meyer 84.00

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The drill with automatic spindle switching

The Ideal Machine for Micro Drilling and Milling a Printed Circuit Board Smaller hole diameters, but larger holes and millings on the same circuit board. Every PCB manufacturer knows this problem. For this purpose, LENZ has developed a special drilling machine. The DLG 615-1 + 1

With this machine, two different spindles work on one printed circuit board. The spindles are automatically switched tool-related. One spindle is a ball bearing boring milling spindle (10,000 60,000 rpm) This spindle drills larger diameters and is used for milling. The second spindle is an air bearing drill spindle, with these only small holes are introduced. There are various spindles available with up to 300,000 rpm.

This machine type is best suited for the multilayer detection system.

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The High Speed ​​Drills with Mechanical Guides.

The increased number of holes per PCB and the associated higher drilling time can be optimally counteracted by more powerful linear motors.

In order to make full use of the more powerful and thus even more dynamic linear drives, LENZ uses mechanical linear guides that have been specially developed for linear drives. With this machine concept, a drilling frequency can be achieved even with 6-spindle machines, as was previously not even possible with single-spindle machines.

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In order to meet the increased demands of circuit board production on contour accuracy, the linear drive is virtually predestined. As a leading manufacturer of linear motor driven PCB drills, the design of a milling machine using this technique was obvious. The linear drive is characterized by its rigidity in positioning as well as its almost non-existent backlash. This is particularly noticeable when milling circles and contour transitions. Mechanical wear, as with ball screws, is not present in a linear drive due to the design.

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A punching machine with automatic optical optimization The Lenz punching machine is designed for high-precision PCB punching. The optical optimizer is integrated directly into the punching tool, which guarantees the highest punching precision.

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The Ideal Machine for Aluminum Drilling and Milling

Drilling and milling of aluminum core PCBs is becoming an increasingly important task. Special machines are required for this because it is a different machining method than “normal” PCB drilling and milling.

The required spindle torques and lateral forces are significantly higher than with the standard printed circuit board. Furthermore, cooling and lubrication of the tools is absolutely necessary.

Dry machining causes a poor milling edge, large burr formation and a short tool life, as well as the milling feed is relatively low.

Standard circuit boards Drilling and milling machines do not offer the possibility to cool the tools. For this reason, LENZ has developed the ALC series and adapted the spindle, hold-down device and extraction accordingly.

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One system that allows you to have different shaped tools in the same program.

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