Flat Table Vacuum Cleaners are are the most compact and practical models among iVision industrial vacuum range. These industrial vacuum cleaners come with a with side-channel turbine, often alongside the machines for the processing of billboards. The waste generated by the 3-axis milling machines require very efficient swarf industrial aspiration in order to ensure absolute cleanliness. In addition to being a very broad range of industrial vacuum cleaners with side-channel turbines, iVision has managed to meet the requests of its most demanding customers, thanks to patented accessories for this sector such as the functional aerial arm, which applies to approximately 50% of the iV1 Flat line vacuum cleaners.

The attractive design, as well as all the components are made in Italy are distinguishing signs of all ranges of iVision industrial vacuum cleaners.



iV2 FLAT line vacuum cleaners are the best-selling models among iVision industrial vacuums. These industrial vacuum cleaners with side-channel turbines are used in the world of panel processing. The scraps generated on a 3-axis milling machines require industrial chip aspiration as efficient as possible to ensure the correct working of the machine tool. In addition to the wide range of vacuum cleaners with side-channel turbines, iVision is able to meet the demands of its customers thanks to the specific accessories created and patented for this sector, such as aerial arm that is now applied on almost 50% of the iV2 FLAT line vacuum cleaners.

The design and, especially the use of Italian-made components, are characteristics of the iVision industrial vacuum cleaners range.



iV3 Flat Table Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are the most powerful units and are ideal for chip extraction on very big CNC routers. They can be used for single machines or to connect several machines to only one vacuum cleaner.
Thanks to the powerful side-channel turbines and the spacious collection tank, the iV3 series is ideal for the maintenance and the cleaning of large work centers. The study and the design research, along with the sturdy materials comprised of simple design, are characteristics of a product entirely made in Italy; a true guarantee in the industrial market.


iV Custom FLAT line vacuum cleaners were born from a long experience in the mechanical industrial sector to meet the growing demand of material collection from chippings generated during the routing and milling process on 3-axis milling machines.
iVision has established long term collaborations with many CNC routing machine manufacturers and has therefore developed specific accessories to facilitate and optimize the use of the vacuum cleaner with a CNC machine.
Optional accessories, like the patented Aerial Arm or the Touch Screen, have been developed to make iVision iV Custom Flat line.