HEPA is the acronym used for the definition “High Efficiency Particulate Air”.

It ‘a kind of filter for vacuum cleaner with a particular system of filtering with high efficiency for fluid, liquid or gas. It has the ability to trap a very high amount of particles of very small size, ability that other filters for vacuum cleaners do not have. Indeed, there are different categories of filters (L / M / H), and different categories of HEPA filters, that has made according to the material more efficient to inhale.

The HEPA filter is composed from microfiber filter sheets (generally borosilicate) assembled in multiple layers, and separated by aluminum septa. The microfiber filter sheets have the task to block the polluting solid particles (or particulate). The solid particles are very small and can be harmful to health or may affect the quality of the final product to be obtained.

HEPA filters are part of the category of the “absolute filters”, justified by the fact that these filters have a high efficiency of filtering. In particular, HEPA filters introduce an efficiency of filtering between 85% (H10) and 99.995% (H14). The filtration efficiency of particles of 0.3 µm, is regulated by the UNI EN 1822.