iV2 PCB line vacuum cleaners are the best sellers among the wheeled vacuums of the iVision range, and are used for intensive collection of chips and dust generated by the drilling and milling machines with 2 to 6 spindles. This new and innovative range of industrial vacuum cleaners with side channel turbine, is used with great success in the world of PCB manufacturing in Europe, the USA, and in Asian countries led by China and South Korea. The waste generated on drilling or milling machines require a particularly efficient industrial aspiration and especially constant for a final product, precisely called PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which guarantees the minimum tolerances (in terms of Micron) and that during its processing is completely free of chips or powder, this is an obtainable condition thanks to the latest technologies available on the iV2 PCB vacuum cleaners. In addition to the already wide range of vacuum cleaners with side channel turbine, iVision has also developed and patented a range of special accessories for the printed circuit industry that make our products, quieter, simple and economic in the maintenance, ideal and indispensable for every PCB manufacturer.


  • Turbine with side channel blower
  • Safety valve
  • Visual filling indicator
  • High-working performance with heavy duty cycle
  • Structure completely made of steel
  • Anti-scuff wheels with parking brake
  • Container capacity 100 Lt
  • Quick-release container/li>
  • Silencer with respect to the regulations in force
  • M class filter with PTFE membrane


  • Remote Start&Stop control
  • Touch screen
  • PVC bags for chip collection
  • Automatic or semi-automatic filter cleaning system
  • Loading cell with a “full container” alert system
  • HEPA Filter
  • Antistatic kit
  • Cyclonic pre-filter to extend filter life
  • Lift kit