Application possibilities and advantages of the PPJ series

The brand-new PPJ system impresses not only with its well-conceived components and size but also with its innovative form.

In this system, we have combined our decades of experience in an attractive design. The independent regulation of fluid and spray air pressure achieves excellent results even with higher-viscosity media.

Available for up to 6 spray heads and in versions with 1, 3 and 5 litres, this system has a very compact design and therefore takes up extremely little space when installed. The system is suitable for the initial equipment of machines as well as for subsequent installation.

The PPJ system can be used with our spray heads (starting on p. 20) and the JOP drip-feed dosing device (p. 30) up to a maximum viscosity of 2300 mm²/s at 20 °C or 500 mm²/s at 40 °C (except for substances containing paint, resin and glue).

Technical Specifications: 

  • Connection possibilities for up to six spray heads
  • Container available in 1, 3 and 5 liters
  • Optional level control
  • Control via 24 V DC electrical valves as standard. Pneumatic and other electrical valve voltages on request.

Dimension Sheets: 

System Structure