HPM Round Jet Nozzle

HPM round jet nozzle

Our 360 ° spray head

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HPM Round Jet Nozzle

With the HPM round jet nozzle in combination with a spray head from the LEO series, pipes can be uniformly and constantly wetted with lubricant from the inside.

It is sprayed through four outlet bores offset by 90 °. The insertion depth is specified by the spray head ( see LEO series ).

By separating the spray head and nozzle, we are able to keep the round jet nozzle very easy to maintain. In the event of blockages, this is simply removed and cleaned.

The application possibilities are almost unlimited. Be it for corrosion protection or for internal forming. Both the depth and the pipe diameter are irrelevant.

With the round jet nozzle from HPM you always have the best solution for your process.