Professional Compact

Professional Compact

  • Easy, flexible, and mobile
  • Spraying of liquids with a viscosity of max. 100 mm² / s at 20 ° C or 35 mm² / s at 40 ° C


Scope of delivery:

The spray unit consists of a PE storage container 1L with a magnetic base and maintenance unit.
Depending on the variant, a spray head or drop dispenser can be connected.


  • precise and targeted liquid application

Areas of application:

  • Wherever precisely defined quantities of liquids are required
  • Thread cutting, drilling, reaming, milling, deburring, thread forming, flow drilling and for selective tool lubrication / punch lubrication, if additional lubrication is required.


The mobile spray unit is connected to the customer’s compressed air line via a quick coupling and attached to the desired location with the magnetic base.
The spray head is positioned using the associated articulated arm.
It is controlled either manually via a toggle lever or via a solenoid valve (24v DC).
The spray start, spray duration and spray end are determined either by actuating the rocker arm or by controlling the solenoid valve on the customer’s side.

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