Spray head PSM-3gang

Our special one: 3-point spray head – ideal for rapidly rotating saw blades
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The PSM-3-gang spray head

A 3-point spray head specially developed for saws – ideal for rapidly rotating saw blades.

The PSM 3-way spray head has four M5 threads for attachment to a bracket provided by the customer.

All of our spray heads are available individually or as a spray head group. The spray head group contains air and liquid connections (check valve) for the manifold.


VISCOSITY RANGE:             up to 2,300 mm² / s (20 ° C) or 500 mm² / s (40 ° C)
PRESSURE AREA:                Low pressure range from 0.5 – 2.5 bar
AIR CONSUMPTION:          2.0 – 5.5 L / min per nozzle
FLUID CONSUMPTION:    0.04 – 2.3 L / h (with water)
SPRAY JET:                            Almost round full cone of approx. 15 °
The spray distance between the spray nozzle and the wetted object should ideally not be greater than 200 mm.
This then results in a sprayed area of ​​up to approx. Ø 50 mm.

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