100% residue-free,
evaporates quickly to 100%
meets the food law requirements of the FDA US regulation
Processing of aluminum, non-ferrous metals and sheet steel
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Applications :

  • In general, this liquid can be used with all materials except for a few plastics
  • A reaction with metals has not occurred in over 40 years of use
  • Sawing, drilling, engraving, reaming, gloss turning, gloss milling with high processing parameters and tool life
  • Punching, profiling, deep drawing, bending of non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, brass
  • Punching, profiling, deep drawing, bending, clinching of sheet metal, steel, galvanized steel, powder-coated steel, painted steel, stainless steel sheets
  • Fine machining (finishing), hard turning, hard milling, engraving of steel
  • Processing of composite material e.g. E.g. manufacture of printed circuit boards
  • In the assembly technology
  • In paper processing and woodworking
  • Manufacture of food packaging


  • 100% residue-free evaporating from the workpiece
  • meets the strict food law requirements of the FDA US regulations according to 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) and 178.3120
  • optimal lubrication performance
  • additional cooling capability


  • Only selected raw materials of the highest purity are used for our high-performance industrial lubricants of the SURVOS series
  • one of the main components are dearomatized hydrocarbons of the highest quality
  • all SURVOS products are classified according to REACH (EG 1907/2006) and do not contain any substance on the candidate list for SVHC
  • SURVOS does not contain CFC, PCP or PCT. In addition, all SURVOS products are free from nitrite, chlorine, halogens, nitrosamines, amines and amides.
  • In over 40 years of using our lubricants, no known work-related diseases have occurred

In order to make optimal use of the positive properties of SURVOS Standard, it should be applied in a very fine film using an HPM spray device.

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