Mobile minimum quantity lubrication system for controlled and fine film application of fluids in the low-pressure range according to the injector principle.

The mobile spray unit is connected to the customer’s compressed air line via a quick coupler and fastened with the magnetic base at the desired place of installation. The spray head is positioned via the accompanying bracket. A spray jet with a full cone of approx. 15° is created with little over spray at the spray head by switching the solenoid valve on and off.

Suitable for all fluids with a maximum viscosity of 100 mm²/s at 20 °C and 35 mm²/s at 40 °C (except for substances containing paint, resin and glue).

Our ProfiKompakt is also available with our precision drip-feed dosing device. Our drip-feed dosing device is the simplest way of applying liquid processing media such as cooling lubricants, oils, lubricants or dispersion precisely and accurately: economically – precisely – evenly and with a minimal impact on people and the environment!

Wherever precisely defined quantities of fluids are required. In thread cutting, drilling, reaming, milling, deburring, thread forming, flow drilling, and for selective tool lubrication / die greasing, when additional lubrication is necessary.

One device. Simple, flexible and mobile.

Technical Specifications: 

  • 1 Spray head or JOP connectable
  • Container in size 1 liter
  • Without Level control
  • Control by default via toggle valve
  • Optional control via magnetic or pneumatic valves

Dimension Sheets: 

System Structure