We approach all of our tasks according to this principle. With our modular system, we can work with you to find the optimal solution for your process.

There are almost no limits to your needs. Benefit from our decades of experience in project planning for special systems. Just talk to us. Together we will find the best solution for you.


Our spray lock technology is designed for constant, even, thin-film oil application to strips, coils, circuit boards or geometric surfaces such as profiles, round bars, pipes, cables, etc.

With our spray lock solutions , negative influences such as the properties of the cut edges, uneven material thickness, rough structures of the surfaces can be affected or impressions caused by dirt particles, such as must be observed when making contact, are completely neglected.

In contrast to other types of orders, our HPM lock systems are almost wear-free, ready for use at any time and immediately and require no special maintenance.

So the use of our spray locks will pay off for you in no time! In original equipment as well as when converting or retrofitting.

The HPM spray lock solutions are adapted to every task.


The automatic filling unit of HPM technology reduces effort and costs. Direct filling from the 200 liter barrel or the 1000 liter IBC. Manual refilling is no longer necessary.

The automatic filling can be used wherever the HPM Breeze air spray injector is used and may only be operated in connection with an HPM Breeze air spray injector or MDJ device. A pneumatic compressed air pump automatically replenishes the lubricant supply from the HPM Breeze air spray injector.

The automatic filling can supply several systems at the same time. Level monitoring in the barrel / IBC enables a timely barrel change.

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