• SUROVS detaches from a workpiece with 100% residue-free evaporation even when the parts lie flat on top of each other.
  • Only selected raw materials of the highest purity are used for SURVOS. One of the main components is dearomatized hydrocarbons of the highest quality. As a metal processing medium that evaporates residue-free, SURVOS combines optimum lubricity with favorable values for evaporation speed, toxicology and environmental protection.
  • All SURVOS products are classified according to REACH (EC 1907/2006) and do not contain any substance that is on the list of candidates for SOVHC.
  • SURVOS does not contain any CFC, PCP or PCT. In addition, all SURVOS products are free of nitrite, chlorine, halogens, nitrosamines, amines and amides.

Quantities Available:

  • 4 x 1 gallon containers
  • 200 liter drum
  • 1000 liter IBC container




  • SURVOS Rapid D evaporates considerably faster than “standard” formulation (with a somewhat lower lubricity). SURVOS Rapid D impresses, however, with short evaporation times and is 100% residue-free*
  • The fluid is used in particular when operations follow each other in a short cycle sequence and no residue is allowed to remain.
  • SURVOS Plus L meets the strict food law requirements of the FDA US regulations in accordance with 21 CFR 178.3620(b) and 178.3120
  • SURVOS Plus has a high lubricity and quickly evaporates 100%*

*According to the specifications of the DAB (German Pharmacopoeia), an evaporation residue of <0.01% is considered to be residue-free. The evaporation residue of SURVOS Plus SURVOS Plus L is 0.0045% or 45PPM.