The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a touch screen unit on the front. It allows the operator to quickly and easily monitor the level of contamination of the filter.

Thanks to such a device, the operator is able to recognize in real time the filter condition and the efficiency of the whole vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, the operator can choose to clean the filter (in manual or automatic mode) and also manage the remote Start&Stop control option.

Once the filter is completely clogged, the unit will automatically warn the operator of the need to replace the filter utilizing:
• A visual signal


On the round screen you can find the following icons:

Scale-LED: it shows the level of contamination that the filter has reached. The measurement is made in a scientific and non-empirical manner through a sophisticated system of sensors controlled by a PLC exclusively for this purpose.

1) Manual ON/OFF: if you select this icon – it allows you to simply start the vacuum system with the simple touch of your finger.

2) Automatic ON/OFF: if you select this icon – the motor is switched on / off directly from the machine.

3) Automatic Filter Cleaning: if you select this icon – an electric contact enables the cleaning of the filter in a completely automatic and programmed manner.

4) Semiautomatic Filter Cleaning: if you select this icon – it is used to clean the filter immediately.