During  machining and forming, the friction of the tool generates  heat, that’s the way it is. We lubricate and cool so that the machine, tools and material are not damaged. That usually works very well. But lubrication often means that the protective lubricant remains on devices and workpieces and everything has to be cleaned separately. This can be very time-consuming, disposal annoying and the workplace dirty. There are waiting times until a workpiece is dry and clean, until chips are recycled, until machines are cleaned.

What if the lubricant just evaporates? What if the workpiece can be processed immediately and the machine does not have to be cleaned?

Minimal quantity lubrication brings us a big step in this direction. Where a large amount of lubricant is consumed with conventional flooding, minimal quantity lubrication manages with a fraction of the quantities and uses them in such a targeted manner that the environment remains clean and dry.

With the right lubricant, you can push this further and work completely residue-free. With SURVOS, we have developed the liquid that dries off 100% without leaving any residue. This means: no more waiting times, chips can be recycled immediately, machines, tools and the environment remain clean.

Are you in a particularly hurry and do you want the next production steps to start as quickly as possible? SURVOS Rapid D dries even faster and is suitable for very short cycles.

How fast is fast? We made the comparison with water.

See for yourself how quickly SURVOS and SURVOS Rapid D evaporate so that your process can continue unhindered.

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