VF is a European manufacturer of support equipment for the CNC areas.


VF Pinning Machines

  • Pinning machines continue to be used to create stacks for double sided
  • Pinning machines are now being used for pinning multilayers that have been aligned ad center
  • Pinned stacks are required for autoload
  • Some of the machines now include taping the stack in addition to the pinning
Octopus Combi 22 Spinamatic Pinning Twin

Pinning Single

Hand Press Unipin 
Mode of Operation Automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Manual Manual
Drilling (Double Sided) Yes Yes Yes No No No

Pinning (Double Sided & Tooled Multilayer)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Taping Heads & Quantity

(Completed Stacks)

Yes – 4 Yes – 4 No No No No
Maximum Panel Size 26.4” x 21.1” 28.35” x 23.6 27.6” x 27.6” 27.6” x 27.6”
Minimum Panel Size 13.8” x 15” 11” x 13.8” 11” X 13.8” 11” x 13.8”
VIbra- Pin Feeder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

VF Taping Machines

  • Holds stack together for loading stack onto the work table or into an
  • Clean shear on the bottom side of the stack eliminates tape residue that common from manual tape
  • Tape location is adjustable and the amount of tape of the entry side of the panel is minimized.
  • Tape amount used per application is minimized 

Taping Single -Pneumatic Taping Twin –  Pneumatic Taping Single Pneumatic – Large

Taping Single Mechanical

Taping Twin Mechanical


Table Mounted Pedestal Mounted

Table Mounted

Taping action Pneumatic  Drive Pneumatic Drive Pneumatic Drive Manual


Taping length

Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable


Taping cycles per roll of tape (standard length)

1000 1000 1000 1000


VF De-Pinning Machines

  • Safe, easy and fast methods of pin removal from a drilling stack

Depinning Depinning Twin

MLB Depinner

Mode of operation

Manual Manual


Method of operation Pneumatic Pneumatic