The smallest spray head available in the standard range. Suitable for tight installation situations. The desired quantity can be reliably set using safety bolts. The supply lines exit at an angle of 90° to the spray jet.

All fluids with a maximum viscosity of approximately 2.300 mm²/s at 20° or 500 mm²/s at 40° (except for substances containing paint, resin and glue) can be sprayed.

The PSM spray head is available in two variants.

PSMR – has an M5 thread for fastening to a customer-side mount.

PSMB – has a ball joint and which allows it to be attached flexibly and precisely with the flexible mounts.

Technical Specifications: 

◾Low pressure range of 0.5 – 2.5 bar
◾Air consumption from 2 -5.5 /min
◾Viscosity range from 2.300mm²/s (20°C) – 500 mm²/s (40°C)
◾Spray with nearly round cone full of about 15°
Dimensions: 30x25x8 mm or 25x25x8 mm


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