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About Us:

"One Company - total cutting tool solutions"

Customers are the core of our business and we will utilize the full scope of our internal resources, and those of our associates, to help our customers be successful.

The commitment of our support is not dictated by the sizes of our customer’s business but rather it is dictated by the understanding that we are an integral part of their business.

We will supply our customers with quality product and services, commit to what we can deliver and deliver to what we’ve committed too.

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No matter the application, tooling request or support needed, we are here to help. Our product lines and offerings are always evolving allowing us to grow with our customers in order to meet their needs. We are proud to be able to support multiple industries, including: PCB, green ceramic, dental & medical to name a few. We are sure we can support you! We look forward to connecting and working with your company.

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