Recommended Diamond Coated Tool Series:
Series Diam. Range Description
1640 .30mm-.40mm Drill with optimized undercut design and MicroSpeedX coating
1638 .50mm-1.25mm An undercut drill
1835 1.30mm-3.175mm  A straight drill
1534 3.20mm-6.40mm Inverse drill diameter with a thinned web
1312/18 1.60mm-3.00mm Single flute end mill, flat end, select sizes available with a 6mm shank.
1322/28 .30mm-3.00mm Two flute end mill with a flat end
1940 M2.5×0.45 – M4x0.7 Thread mill
190x M1.6×0.35 – M8x1.25 Thread mill with MicroSpeedX coating
138x 30◦-90◦ Chamfering cutter
1590/96 90◦-120◦ countersink with 5 flutes –select sizes available with a 6mm shank