About LENZ:  

After being founded in 1939 LENZ Germany still remains a family owned company. LENZ has a large in house production with in house designs as well as flexible production. LENZ has over 9 years’ experience with high speed micro drilling machines, over 17 with linear motors and 42 years’ experience with high precision machine production. They manufacture a full range of machines from six to single spindle machines.

Machines include those for drilling, routing, aluminum routing as well as scoring. Here at CRT we proudly represent each of LENZ’s machines as well as offer a wide range of support for each machine including but not limited to the proper tooling, and technical support. Remote monitoring is also available to assist in troubleshooting processing issues and/or training.

LENZ machines have a great success rate, but like other machines will require service at some point in order to maintain the success of the machine. To properly support the North American market many parts are stocked in Dallas with the exceptions of spindles. Spindles are stocked and maintained at the factory and will be shipped directly to you. When service is needed or technical questions needs to be answered our contact is Dave Dowland of Dowtech, Inc. who is located in Dallas, Texas and supported by LENZ Germany.

To your left you will find LENZ’s top choices for drilling, routing, aluminum routing, as well as scoring. For any questions, inquires or pricing please contact Jim Hudson via email (jhudson@carbiderelatedtech.com) or via phone (203)281-1266.