In the case that the vacuum cleaner standard capacity 42 Gal is not enough, iVision offers its customers additional high-capacity chip containers.

iVision has developed 2 types of dumpsters:

A) 1000 Lt dumpster with automatic opening
B) 500 Lt dumpster with manual opening

The dumpsters are equipped with a visual filling indicator that shows the operator when it is time to empty the container.


  • The dumpster, connected by means of a tube system, is positioned between the cnc machinery that produces chips and the vacuum unit.
  • During the operating of the vacuum, the dumpsters have airtight closures preventing air flow losses.
  • When the vacuum cleaner gets switched off, the dumpster can be opened manually with the 500 Lt container and automatically with the 1000 Lt model.
    Next, the dumpster can be carried by the forklift where it can next be emptied into the end-container.