The high level of technology and the ever-growing experience that have always characterized the company iVision, has brought us to develop a range of industrial vacuums, with side-channel turbines, dedicated to the sector of industrial cleaning. The vacuums of the Clean line perform perfectly for all industrial environments. The line dedicated to this sector is particularly versatile and complete, it’s comprised of vacuums for small offices, or large and strong vacuums for large companies, offering to our clients a large range in order to satisfy every potential need.


The Clean line was born after a long experience in the mechanical industrial sector in order to respond to the growing needs of clients to have available a compact and flexible product that at the same time is able to work continuously without having elevated costs and time for maintenance.  Especially in the generic dust collection of work environments, vacuums that are less-than-ideal are often used, with the initial intention of making a small investment cost for the company that instead end up creating much higher costs in the end. The industrial solutions of the Clean Line are very robust and, above all, trustworthy. Thanks to the powerful side-channel turbines and the research done by iVision for the accessories and specific filtration, maintenance for your machine tools will have drastically lowered the time and cost for maintenance compared to traditional methods..


Safety, hygiene and efficiency also in the production of food. iVision’s CLEAN Line vacuum cleaners represent the optimal solution of industrial suction also for the food industry which requires to comply with particularly stringent regulations regarding hygiene and safety. In relation to the flammable and/or explosive nature of certain raw materials (such as cereals, flours, sugar, etc..) CLEAN line units dedicated to the food sector can be certified Atex. The filtration class can be customized according to specific work requirements, allowing them to be adopted to clean the production area or for the suction of powders, scraps and granules. The CLEAN line is available with a complete range in terms of power, capacity and versions. iVision’s team of experts is at your disposal to face any specific problem in this sector, and to provide solutions, starting from the wide range of iVision products, tailored to the needs of the customer.


In order to meet your needs, our collection tanks can come in different sizes. From our smallest model, compact and manageable for quick and easy emptying of 10 gal, to our bigger collection tanks of 42 gal with the possibility of adding an additional tank of up to 264 gal for heavy duty work. The entire Clean range is equipped with a steel Cleaning Kit and every vacuum is equipped with a particular silencer to keep the noise level within regulations.




The industrial vacuums of the iV1 Clean line are the most compact and maneuverable of all the iVision industrial vacuums. Our company produced a specific series of industrial vacuums with side-channel turbines to use for industrial cleaning. Our models are used for generic industrial cleaning in metal-mechanical companies, and also to support a machine tool with an industrial vacuum. Swarf, chips, and dust generated from machine tools in metal-mechanical companies require a constant and efficient removal on part of the perators to guarantee a precise, high-quality finished product and above all, to safeguard the health of the operators. In addition to the ample range of side-channel turbine industrial vacuums, iVision also designed and patented many specific accessories for the world of industrial dust collection related to the iV1 Clean line, which render our products the ideal and indispensable solution for every metal-mechanical warehouse. Also, the extremely low noise level, and the ease of maintenance, the design and use of Italian engine manufacturing, are all part of the distinctive characteristics of every iVision industrial vacuum.




The industrial vacuums of the iV2 Clean line are the most sold wheelable iVision vacuums and are used for intensive collecting of dust and chips (also mixed with oil) generated from the machine tools in metal-mechanical industries and warehouses. This range of industrial vacuums uses side-channel turbines and is used with great success in the world of metal working. Nearly every mechanical office needs an industrial vacuum system and it’s for this reason that iVision proposes as a trustworthy and competent manufacture to be in grade of satisfying the needs of their clients. In addition to the already ample range of wheeled industrial vacuums with side-channel turbines, iVision has created a product with a multitude of specific accessories specific for the world of industrial dust collection related to the iV2 clean line, that render the product ideal for use in every metal-mechanical warehouse. The extremely low level of noise, the ease of maintenance and above all, the design and use of Italian engine manufacturing, are all part of the fundamental characteristics of the iVision industrial vacuums.




The industrial vacuums of the iV3 Clean line are without a doubt the strongest of the wheeled iVision vacuums and are used to carry out important cleaning jobs and to deep-clean large machine tools with large accumulations of residual metals and liquids. They are used for general cleaning of companies and as an integration to machine tools of various types. Whether they use lathes, saws, or work centers, every metal-mechanical company produces – in large or small quantities- chips, dust or swarf that need to be efficiently collected in order to maintain clean machine tools and offices, but above all in order to safeguard the health of operators. The objective of these industrial vacuums of the Clean iV3 line are the winning weapon to maintain a clean company. In additional to industrial vacuums with side-channel turbines of the iV3 Clean line, iVision also projected a product of a dedicated series with specific accessories for the metal-mechanical industry that render all of our industrial vacuums ideal and indispensable for any office.




iVision from its nature has always been attentive to the specific demands of every client. In this perspective, iVision’s technical and prototype department in collaboration with the sales network, are always active to find innovative and flexible solutions made custom for every client. All of the active companies in the world of metalworking that utilize lathes, saws, and in general work centers that produce swarf that need an adequate material collection. The industrial vacuums of the Clean iV Custom line, are custom designed based on the true demands of the client to collect chips and liquid from lathes, saws, and work centers. When it comes to, for example, industrial cleaning systems for floors, iVision has always developed a specific kit composed of a fixed brushed positioned in the front part of the vacuum and a handle for moving. In other cases a single iVision industrial vacuum from the iV Custom line can be utilized by more than one operator simultaneously with the cleaning kit of various diameters (50mm, 70mm, 100mm) to take the utmost advantage of the excellent performance of the side-channel turbine.


The main advantages of the Clean line are:

  • Drastic reduction in time needed to clean the machine
  • Side-channel turbine with continuous work cycle
  • Robust vacuum structure
  • Flexible movement for the operator as the vacuums come equipped with 4 anti-scuff wheels and a collection tank with autonomous wheels
  • Ample range of accessories dedicated to every need of this Sector