The industrial vacuums of the iV2 Clean line are the most sold wheelable iVision vacuums and are used for intensive collecting of dust and chips (also mixed with oil) generated from the machine tools in metal-mechanical industries and warehouses. This range of industrial vacuums uses side-channel turbines and is used with great success in the world of metal working. Nearly every mechanical office needs an industrial vacuum system and it’s for this reason that iVision proposes as a trustworthy and competent manufacture to be in grade of satisfying the needs of their clients. In addition to the already ample range of wheeled industrial vacuums with side-channel turbines, iVision has created a product with a multitude of specific accessories specific for the world of industrial dust collection related to the iV2 clean line, that render the product ideal for use in every metal-mechanical warehouse. The extremely low level of noise, the ease of maintenance and above all, the design and use of Italian engine manufacturing, are all part of the fundamental characteristics of the iVision industrial vacuums.


  • Side-channel turbine
  • Silencer mounted as standard
  • Visual filling indicator
  • Structure completely in steel
  • Oil-resistant wheels with parking brake
  • Container capacity 100 Liters
  • Rapid-release container opening
  • Pneumatic filter cleaning through vibrating motor


  • Remote control start & stop
  • Possibility of inserting PVC bags to collect dust
  • Automatic or semi-automatic filter cleaning system
  • Oil/chip separator tank
  • Liftkit for emptying container with a forklift
  • Antistatic kit
  • Atex Zone 22