The industrial vacuums of the iV2 Sand line are used to collect dust and grit from sand in industrial environments where professional and efficient collection is needed to maintain a clean and healthy work environment for operators. iVision with this in mind has developed a range of industrial dust collection models with a side-channel turbine, dedicated to the world of industrial sandblasting. Besides the 100-liter collection capacity, the industrial vacuums of the iV2 Sand line permit the operator to move with agility in restricted spaces. The objective of an efficient industrial collection should be in the first place to safeguard the health of operators and to render the work done more efficient. For this exact reason the dust and grit generated from sandblasting need an industrial collection particularly efficient and constant; this is made possible by the industrial vacuums of the iV2 Sand line of iVision.

In addition to the large range of wheeled industrial vacuums with side channel turbines, iVision has created and patented many accessories dedicated to the sandblasting world, specifically for the iV2 Sand line, that make every sandblaster capable of using a custom product for their needs.  The low noise level and the ease of maintenance distinguishes iVision for its design and use of Italian components.


  • Side channel turbine
  • Visual filling indicator
  • Structure completely made of steel
  • Anti-scuff, turning wheels with parking brake
  • Container capacity 100 liters/li>
  • Rapid-release container
  • Silencer to respect noise regulation


  • Remote control
  • PVC bag kit for chip collection
  • Automatic and semiautomatic filter cleaning systems
  • Antistatic kit
  • Atex Zone 22