Glycerin pressure gauge

Glycerin pressure gauge made of stainless steel

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with glycerin filling
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Glycerin pressure gauge with stainless steel housing

  • Single scale in cash
  • Radial connection at the rear or at the bottom with G 1/4 external thread
  • Grade 1.6
  • Diameter Ø 63

For measuring points with high dynamic pressure loads and vibrations. Suitable for gaseous, liquid, not highly viscous and non-crystallizing media that do not attack copper alloys.


CONNECTION:               below, behind
PRESSURE AREA:          0 – 2.5, 0 – 4 bar, 0 – 6 bar, 0 – 10 bar


Additional information


below l back

Pressure Area

0-2.5 bar l 0-4 bar l 0-6 bar l 0-10 bar