This drip-feed dosing device is the easy way to dose liquid processing media such as cooling lubricants, oils, lubricants or dispersions both precisely and accurately.This series can be used wherever precisely defined quantities of fluids are required. Works best in thread cutting, drilling, reaming, deburring, thread forming, flow drilling, and for selective tool lubrication/die greasing, when additional lubrication is necessary.

The fluid flows without pressure out of the container directly into the dosing nozzle. After a control pulse (manually either via pedal, hand lever valve or directly from the machine control system), it is pressed out under pressure by a piston and brought straight to the point as a droplet; even over long distances.

The best position for the drip-feed dosing device is set with the bracket. In this way, a fluid drop can be applied selectively and precisely, even over distances. The slim design of the drip-feed dosing device, and the fastening with a magnetic base and brackets, make it possible to mount even in narrow machine rooms with interfering edges (e.g. for automatic tool changers).