IV2 FLAT line vacuum cleaners are the best-selling models among iVision industrial vacuums. These industrial vacuum cleaners with side-channel turbines are used in the world of panel processing. The scraps generated on a 3-axis milling machines require industrial chip aspiration as efficient as possible to ensure the correct working of the machine tool. In addition to the wide range of vacuum cleaners with side-channel turbines, iVision is able to meet the demands of its customers thanks to the specific accessories created and patented for this sector, such as aerial arm that is now applied on almost 50% of the iV2 FLAT line vacuum cleaners.

The design and, especially the use of Italian-made components, are characteristics of the iVision industrial vacuum cleaners range.


  • Turbine with side-channel blower
  • Safety valve
  • Visual filling indicator
  • High-working performance with heavy duty cycle
  • Structure completely made of steel
  • Anti-scuff wheels with parking brake
  • Container capacity 100 Lt
  • Quick-release container


  • Remote Start&Stop control
  • Aerial Arm for hose support with safety valve and adjustable leveling feet
  • Touch screen
  • Kit to hold PVC bags inside the tank
  • Lift kit in order to avoid any manual efforts by the operator during the emptying process
  • Possibility of an additional 500 Lt or 1000 Lt dumpster

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