The advantage of our MDJ systems is that they are independent of viscosity. In addition, the MDJ system is easier to use due to the separate regulation of the air and fluid pressure.

Suitable for all fluids that reach a maximum viscosity of 2300 mm²/s at 20 °C or 500 mm²/s at 40 °C (except for substances containing paint, resin and glue). Module for wall installation consisting of a stainless steel pressure tank with 10 or 15 litres, fluid filter (100…120 my), as well as one or more valve modules and a service unit.

Due to the possibility of regulating the fluid pressure independently of the spray pressure, our MDJ system is also very well suited for larger transfer, profiling or automation systems with a large number of spraying points. We will be happy to plan a special system with you. Simply contact us.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Connection of six spray heads is standard.
  • Up to 80 spray heads can be connected
  • Container in 10 and 15 liter size
  • Optional Level control
  • Control via 24 V DC electrical valves as standard. Pneumatic and other electrical valve voltages on request.

Dimension Sheet: 

Systems Structure