You put a liquid or liquids up to a viscosity of max. 100 mm² / s at 20 ° C (except paints, resins, adhesives), then our self-priming systems of the TCJ series are just right for you.

The advantage of our TCJ system is the reduction and avoidance of dirt in your process. Our 10 and 25 liter systems are adapted to standard liquid containers. This enables the containers to be changed directly – without cumbersome refilling. The result – no dirt in the container and thus an optimally functioning process for you.


Easy installation with everything you need!

Unit includes:

  • 1 manually controlled basic unit
  • HRTB050 spray head
  • magnetic holder
  • tubing
  • 1 liter lubricant (SAMNOS ZM-22W)

Technical Specifications: 

  • Up to 6 spray heads can be connected
  • Containers in sizes 2.5 – 20 liters
  • Optional level monitoring
  • Control via electrical valves 24V DC as standard. Pneumatic and other electrical valve voltages on request.

Dimension Sheets:

System Structure