MDJ Series


External lubrication

  • Sleek design
  • For spraying liquids up to a viscosity of max. 2,300 mm² / s at 20 ° C or 500 mm² / s at 40 ° C


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Scope of delivery:

The valve and container assembly consists of a pressure container with bracket for wall mounting, valve assembly with maintenance unit.
Depending on the variant, a spray head or up to 3 or 6 groups of spray heads can be connected.


  • Viscosity independence
  • Increased ease of use thanks to the separate control of air and liquid pressure
  • The difference in level between the storage tank and the spray head is compensated for by the pre-pressure (0.1 bar corresponds to 1 m height difference)
  • A direct filling from the 200 liter drum or 1000 liter IBC can be done via an automatic filling
  • excellent spray results even with higher viscosity media

Areas of application:

  • Universally suitable for all applications in which higher viscosity media are used
  • very well suited for larger transfer, profiling or automation systems with a large number of spray points


The unfiltered and non-oiled network air (4 – 9 bar) is connected to the maintenance unit. The spray air pressure is set on the pressure reducer. We recommend a low spray air pressure of 0.7 to max. 2.5 bar.
The fluid pressure is adjusted via a fine pressure reducer. This must always be at least 0.5 bar below the spray air pressure.

Spray start, spray duration and spray end are determined by activating the valves from the customer’s control.

The current liquid level in the pressure vessel is visually visible through an external PA tube.

The MDJ series can optionally be equipped with a float switch (signals pre-warning – empty).