TSJ Z05 

The Universal Genius 

Perfect for both internal and external lubrication.

The HPM Breeze TSJ Z05 is used on simple processing machines (e.g. boom drilling machines, manual turning or milling machines) and with tools Ø> = 5 mm.

The HPM Breeze Z05 mist mixing nozzle is suitable for highly dynamic and complex processes, since the medium and the air are brought together and mixed close to the process.

LSJ mini 

Our “little one” big 

Your entry into internal lubrication with MQL.

Concentrated power paired with simple operation and an attractive price. With our LSJ Mini we have combined all the advantages of the big brother LSJ Z35 with a compact design.

The pressure can be optimally adjusted to your requirements by means of manually adjustable pressure regulators. With the additional option of regulating the aerosol saturation directly on the container, you always get an optimal spray result. The unique possibility of operating our Mini LSJ up to an operating pressure of up to 15 bar means that even demanding machining operations can be carried out.

LSJ Z35 

“The Boss” 

High performance for internal lubrication. The standard for internal lubrication.

The HPM Breeze process is the consequent further development of previously known processes for dispensing liquids of all kinds in the finest form. Based on previous core areas of application (quantity lubrication / MQL / MMKS), the HPM Breeze process picks up on today’s technical requirements and reinterprets the previously known options for dispensing liquids. The HPM Breeze process is used to lubricate and cool machining processes with small amounts of cooling lubricant. An air / liquid mixture is used that prevents the generation of frictional heat through optimal lubrication. The remaining heat is dissipated via the tool and the chip.