LEO Spray Head

Spray head LEO

Universal spray head, reproducible quantity setting using a scaled measuring drum.
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Spray technology taken further. Our new LEO. Reduce your costs through reproducible quantity setting.

Universal spray head in which the spray quantity is set using a scaled measuring drum.
This means that the set quantities can be checked at any time. Any changes are immediately visible and can be corrected.
If the parameters (liquid, spray and liquid pressure) remain the same, the amount is always 100% reproducible. The supply line is 90 ° to the spray jet.

Our LEO spray head is available in two versions:
The LEOR spray head has an M5 thread for attachment to a bracket provided by the customer.
The LEOB spray head has a spherical connector. This allows it to be attached flexibly and precisely with the flexible HPM technology brackets .

All of our spray heads are available individually or as a spray head group. The spray head group contains air and liquid connections (check valve) for the manifold.


PRESSURE AREA:               Low pressure range from 0.5 – 2.5 bar
AIR CONSUMPTION:         2 -5.5 / min
VISCOSITY RANGE:            2,300mm² / s (20 ° C) – 500 mm² / s (40 ° C)
SPRAY JET:                           almost round full cone of approx. 15 °
EXECUTION:                        Thread M5, ball socket
LENGTH IN MM:                 30, 70, 105, 130, 155
VARIANT:                              Spray head, spray head group
FLUID CONSUMPTION:    0.04 – 2.3 L / h (with water)


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M5 Thread I Ball Socket

Length in mm

30 I 70 I 105 I 130 I 155


Spray Nozzle I Spray Head Group